For prospective collaborators

If you are interested in using data generated by the Amboseli Baboon Research Project, we encourage you to visit the Dryad Data Repository (, NCBI (, and our genomics data site (, where we have deposited a number of the data sets that underlie results in our publications. We have also provided links to the relevant Dryad data sets in our alphabetical bibliography, which you can access here

If you are a graduate student or postdoctoral researcher interested in conducting collaborative research with The Amboseli Baboon Project, please contact one of the four Project Leaders: Susan Alberts, Jeanne Altmann, Jenny Tung, or Beth Archie, who are listed on our personnel page. Successful research collaborations are those that synergize well with the research goals of our collective research groups. We cannot grant requests that do not work well with our current research goals. Requests for short-term visits (e.g. a few hours) to our field site are possible if we have the personnel to support them. Requests for long-term research visits must be made at least a year in advance of the proposed start date; please note that we are rarely able to accommodate long-term research visits from researchers outside of our own laboratories.